[Mumbai meri jaan]: Bombay my love!

All I was thinking about during my looooooong flight to Mumbai, “The deliciousness I’m going to eat”. As expected our short trip was filled with yummy food, love, laughter and much needed family-time.

Disclaimer: This post does not capture all the deliciousness we ate!

My five favorite meals during my recent trip to Mumbai:

  1. Neer Dosa and Sambhar at my in-laws’.

Simple savory rice crepes (neer dosa) are my mom in-law’s specialty. The cherry on the top was learning how to make sambhar (spicy tangy daal with veggies) from my father in-law!


2. Traditional Malvani-style crab curry at Mom’s.

No words.


3. Shrimp fritters, sheekh kebabs and dhanshak at ‘Sodabottleopenerwala’ Restaurant.

A newly opened restaurant that mainly serves Parsi food with great decor and ambience. Menu was innovative, tasty and interesting! Kolmi Fry – onion fritters stuffed with spicy marinated shrimp; the minced lamb kebabs were succulent and finally the Parsi special Dhansak was served in a stackable tiffin lunch box set with caramelized rice and salad!

4. Cheese Pav Bhaji at a local restaurant (the staff was busy watching cricket on tv).

My guilty pleasure. Lots of grated Amul cheese.

Fresh crusty buttery bread (pav). Spicy vegetable curry (bhaji).

Nostalgia. Took me back to my college days.


5. Bangda Bhattu (Indian mackerel fish masala) at Panna Mami’s.

Freshest fish.

Freshly ground byadgi mirchi*

Marry and become Bangda Bhattu. 


*spicy dried red chillies

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