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[Mumbai meri jaan]: Bombay my love!

All I was thinking about during my looooooong flight to Mumbai, “The deliciousness I’m going to eat”. As expected our short trip was filled with yummy food, love, laughter and much needed family-time.

Disclaimer: This post does not capture all the deliciousness we ate!

My five favorite meals during my recent trip to Mumbai:

  1. Neer Dosa and Sambhar at my in-laws’.

Simple savory rice crepes (neer dosa) are my mom in-law’s specialty. The cherry on the top was learning how to make sambhar (spicy tangy daal with veggies) from my father in-law!


2. Traditional Malvani-style crab curry at Mom’s.

No words.


3. Shrimp fritters, sheekh kebabs and dhanshak at ‘Sodabottleopenerwala’ Restaurant.

A newly opened restaurant that mainly serves Parsi food with great decor and ambience. Menu was innovative, tasty and interesting! Kolmi Fry – onion fritters stuffed with spicy marinated shrimp; the minced lamb kebabs were succulent and finally the Parsi special Dhansak was served in a stackable tiffin lunch box set with caramelized rice and salad!

4. Cheese Pav Bhaji at a local restaurant (the staff was busy watching cricket on tv).

My guilty pleasure. Lots of grated Amul cheese.

Fresh crusty buttery bread (pav). Spicy vegetable curry (bhaji).

Nostalgia. Took me back to my college days.


5. Bangda Bhattu (Indian mackerel fish masala) at Panna Mami’s.

Freshest fish.

Freshly ground byadgi mirchi*

Marry and become Bangda Bhattu. 


*spicy dried red chillies

New Orleans: Culinary Experience!

What can I say – NOLA is a foodie’s paradise. I have visited New Orleans three times so far and every time I’m blown away. Love the seafood. Love the bread pudding. Love the beignets. Love. Love. Love.

During one of my trips last year my parents were able to visit NOLA with me. I was busy with work but they explored New Orleans and thoroughly enjoyed their trip! My dad writes to my sister S after the trip that really sums up what New Orleans is all about –

“NOLA visit was great. We stayed at the historic Hotel Monteleone which is in the heart of downtown just a few blocks away from the Mississippi river walk. It is an old French area known as French Quarter. Our hotel was more than hundred years old.
We enjoyed the local Cajun cuisine, the freshly made pralines and the seafood was good. The variety in the food and the serving is amazing. Since this area was also under Spanish control the food variety multiplies.
NOLA downtown is a very lively place with musicians on the streets, Jazz originated here they say, street art and art galleries in old settings, every other shop is a specialty restaurant some even hundred years old. Tourists are on their feet walking around and enjoying. Two days we walked a lot along with them until we were just tired. The street cars are also a century old and well-maintained. We enjoyed the ride.”
Shrimp in BBQ sauce.
Blackened Catfish!


[Sunday feast]: Biryani, kebabs et al.

A lazy Sunday morning calls for a feast down the memory lane. Shrimp biryani fills me with nostalgia — spiced shrimp delicately layered with aromatic basmati rice. Mom’s special garnishes — thinly slices fried onions, crispy potato thins and cilantro. To complement the biryani — chicken tikka kebabs, mother in law’s special shrimp fritters and cucumber-tomato relish. Stay tuned for detailed recipes!


myComfortFood – Shrimp biryani, chicken tikka bites and mother in law’s shrimp wadas.